About us


Started from a VERY large bed room above a garage in Huntington Beach. Officially created December 9th, 2013 we’ve been putting out Anime and Manga videos ever since.

Sam with his lovable group of idiots have done it all. From a very successful weekly review of Jump Tezuka Manga Contest entries, a yearly anime pumpkin carving contest, recapping 4 seasons of anime into just 4 minutes, a podcast that has been going weekly for over 2 years, and so much more!

We have so much more to give to the world, we hope you all will come along for the ride and become a member of the Weebs Guild.

Upcoming Projects

My Hero Academia Season 5 Recap in under 1 minute

2022 Anime Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Return of Bleach Boys for Thousand-Year Blood War

Weekly Anime News Recap