Berserk 1997 Anime’s Original Soundtrack Heads to Spotify and Apple Music

Tonight at midnight, you can listen to the full soundtrack of the much-loved 1997 Berserk Anime on Spotify and Apple Music!! The Berserk [Original Soundtrack] by Susumu Hirasawa has been strangely absent from streaming services (in any sort of official capacity) until now. The release even includes the opening “TELL ME WHY” by PENPALS and the ending “Waiting so long” by Silver Fins. There is one exception though, the song “Berserk: Forces” will be missing from this release as this is being made available from the VAP record label and Nippon Columbia owns the Berserk: Forces song.

Let me know in the comments below, what the first song you’ll be listening to when the Berserk Soundtrack drops tonight. For me, it’s definitely “Gats”

Click here to pre-save the upcoming soundtrack release on your preferred streaming service

About Berserk (1997 Anime)

Based on the series by Kentaro Miura, the story follows a lone swordsman by the name of Guts and his chance meeting with Griffith the leader of a mercenary group called the “Band of the Hawk”. The two join forces and battle their way all the way up to the royal court until one fateful day changes the course of these two men forever..

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