Haikyu!! Mobile Game Reveals Trailer, Opens Pre-Registration! Haikyu!! Touch the Dream

The Haikyu!! mobile game, Haikyu!! Touch the Dream reveals a new trailer as they open up pre-registration! The existence of a Haikyu!! mobile game in and of itself isn’t new as G Holdings announced their acquisition of the smartphone game rights back in 2021. In order to pre-register for the volleyball animes mobile game you can do it one of three ways: Follow the game’s Twitter account, Register the official LINE as a friend from the LINE game reservation, and Reservation TOP 10 “Register by email”. (Translation is a bit rough)

The game is planning to reward players who sign up based on certain milestones, but already within only 24 hours of the games pre-registration opening the number of signed-up users has reached over 100,00. This is REALLY impressive as the manga ended its run back in July of 2020, and the fourth and the latest season of the anime ended in 2020 as well. So the fan base for Haikyu!! is still going incredibly strong if this says anything,

Check out the trailer for the upcoming game below!

About Haikyuu!!

Based on the manga series by Haruichi Furudate, the anime adaptation was made by Production I.G. and premiered in April 2014. The series ran for 4 seasons with the last episode releasing December 2020.
The show revolves around a junior high student Soyo Hinata who is obsessed with volleyball after watching Karasuno Highschool play in the nationals. Thus begins Hinata’s journey as he aspires to reach the same greatness as the legendary short Karasuno player “The Little Giant”. Hinata is accepted to Karasuno high school and soon finds out it’s not as he dreamed, as a young prodigy Tobio Kageyama, nicknamed “King of the Court”, has transferred there as well. Although the two don’t get along, they soon realize if they work together the two create an explosive and new volleyball tactic. The story follows this new Karasuno team as they all aspire to become professional volleyball players and reach nationals!

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