Remainder of Golden Kamuy Season 4 Postponed after Staff Members Unfortunate Passing

Some unfortunate sad news coming from the official website and Twitter for the Golden Kamuy anime. This Tuesday, the animation studio behind season 4, Brains Base announced that the remainder of season 4 (Episodes 6-12) will be delayed due to a key staff member passing on November 1st. The staff member was quoted as being “indispensable” to the anime series’ production.

The anime’s Blu-ray and DVD release schedule is currently being discussed if it will be delayed as well.

The staff member has not been named, but our best wishes and thoughts go out to the family and we hope Golden Kamuy can continue when the staff has had proper time to mourn.

About Golden Kamuy:

Based on the series by author Satoru Noda, the story takes place in the early twentieth century, we follow Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi Sugimoto as he attempts to survive in the postwar gold rush in Hokkaido. Sugimoto suddenly stumbles on a map leading to the location of hidden Ainu gold. This sets our story in motion as Sugimoto begins his journey to track down this fortune, but he isn’t the only interested party and everyone who knows about the gold is willing to kill for it. With the help of a young Ainu girl named Asirpa, the two join forces to track down the gold and survive the rough wilderness, ruthless criminals, and Japanese soldiers.

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