Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Leaks! New Visual, Advance Screening & New Cast

The leaks are finally coming out for the long-awaited Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers! We get a new teaser showing a bunch of new characters we can expect to see. Members of Black Dragon and the Tokyo Manji Gang are dead center in the new visual. We already had confirmation of a January 2023 release date for the new season, but we now know there will be an advanced episode screening of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 & Cast Discussion held on December 24th, which is the perfect date as this is supposed to adapt the highly anticipated Christmas Showdown Arc.

Joining everyone’s favorite gang members for season two we have 2 new voice actors announced as well. Tomokazu Sugita will be joining season 2 (best known for his work as Gintoki from Gintama, Joseph from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more) to voice Taiju Shiba and Mikako Komatsu will be making her debut in TR (best known for her work as Maki from Jujutsu Kaisen) to voice Yuzuha Shiba. Two very well-established voice actors coming to last year’s mega-hit anime.

View the leaked visual below and let us know in the comments: Who’s your favorite member of the Tokyo Manji Gang?

About Tokyo Revengers:

Tokyo Revengers season one premiered on April 11th, 2021, and ran til September 19th, 2021. The series focus’ on Takemichi Hanagaki who learns that his former high school girlfriend Hinata was killed in a tragic accident. After being pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming train Hanagaki awakens twelve years in the past and attempts to do all he can to prevent Hinatas death in the future.

Source: Shonenleaks

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