Gurren Lagann returns! With a Smartphone Game Launching this Wednesday!

Yep… Not exactly the news about Gurren Lagann anyone was waiting for, but there are some good things about this new mobile game. Klab (folks behind Bleach Brave Souls & more), Wanda Cinemas Games, and Aniplex have all come together to make a new mobile game based on the anime we all love, Tengen Topp Gurren Lagann. Based on the series of the same name by Gainax, the mobile game will be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau this Wednesday.

The nice bit about this even happening is studio Trigger, which is the studio that helped create the original and houses many former Gainax staff, is overseeing the strategy games development.

The game’s official youtube channel released a promotional video for the game back in October (see below). Regardless I’m excited about anything Gurren Lagann and if it’s successful enough I’m sure we’ll get a release overseas one day..

About Tengen Topp Gurren Lagann:

A Japanese mech anime animated by Gainax and co-produced by Aniplex and Konami. The series originally ran for 27 episodes and premiered in April 2007 and ran until September 2007. The series takes place on a future Earth where the world is ruled by the Spiral King who forces mankind to live in underground villages. We follow Simon and Kamina, two humans living in their subterranean village, but what makes these two different is their ambition to reach the surface. One day while digging Simon uncovers a mecha known as Lagann, together Simon and Kamina use Lagann to reach the surface and fight against the Spiral King’s forces.

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