Naruto Official teases a special announcement at Jump Fest 2023!

What a good time to be a Naruto fan! Boruto is still in full swing, we just got the special 20th anniversary Naruto video, and now we’re getting a little tease of what’s to come at this Jump Festa! For those out of the loop Jump Festa is where all things Shueisha come to make their big announcements for the years, these include upcoming anime adaptations, manga sequels, movies, stage plays, and more!

With Boruto an already ongoing thing with both a manga and anime it really lets speculation run wild. Especially after the big outpouring of support we saw for a Naruto reboot with no fillers and new animation. This could really be anything, but the only way to find out is to tune into Jump Festa starting December 17th! We’ll be sure to update you with all the news as it hits, so stay tuned!

Let us know down below what you think this Naruto tease could be alluding to!

About Naruto:

Originally ran in Weekly Shonen Jump, the first chapter was released on September 21st, 1999, and the final chapter was released on November 10, 2014. Written by Masashi Kishimoto, the manga and corresponding anime series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a boy whose dream is to become the Hokage, a person who leads the village, is respected, and is the strongest of them all.

The series is continuing with Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations which has a manga and anime series of its own that streams weekly on Crunchyroll. Boruto follows the life of Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, as he enrolls in the ninja academy to learn the way of the ninja. But unlike his father before him, he doesn’t desire to become the Hokage, instead, he aspires to become like Sasuke, Naruto’s greatest rival and friend.

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