Goodnight Punpun Creator Launches New Manga in March 2023

Goodnight Punpun will forever be one of the saddest manga we have ever read. Now we have confirmation that the next manga from author Inio Asano will launch March 2023 in Big Comic Superior Magazine! Not much is known about this upcoming manga aside from the teaser visual (see below) that was revealed back in June, but now we have a date. The author has been tweeting out doodles of characters in the meantime.

This is hot off the heels of one of Inio Asano’s other mangas, Reiraku, release for the live-action adaptation movie. So it’s safe to say their will be plenty of promotion for the launch of the new manga which follows briefly after.

Inio Asano’s previous work just ended this last February and was called Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction. It ran for almost 6 full years before the mangas 12th and final volume was released. The manga was so successful it’s getting an upcoming anime release. Obviously, Inio Asano is best known for his work on Goodnight Punpun, but it seems like everything this author puts out just becomes pure gold!

We personally can’t wait to see what this new series will bring, let us know if you’re interested in checking out the new manga or if you’ve had enough sadness for one lifetime.

About Goodnight Punpun:

The story follows Punpun Onodera and is his coming-of-age story. His parent’s marriage is falling apart, his dad goes to jail and his mom goes to the hospital. Punpun is now forced to live with his loser uncle. He has a crush on a girl who lives in a weird cult and Punpun begins trying to talk to god about his problems, but God is a jerk. Punpun keeps hoping things will get better, but….. they don’t. Punpun is an average kid in an average town. He wants to with the Nobel Prize and save the world. He wants his crush to like him back. That’s what he wants, but what does he get..

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