Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War will be 52 Episodes Long, Split Among 4 Cours

The time is almost here! Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is premiering this Monday, October 10th, and we officially know the episode count. Bleach TYBW will run for 52 episodes and will be split among 4 cours (or seasons). The upcoming anime running the course of the whole year is by no means new, but we didn’t know the full episode count. This means with each new season of anime we get 13 episodes of Bleach’s final arc!! Of course, the exact number depends on how they decide to split up the manga content for each cour.

The portion of the Bleach manga that contains the Thousand-Year Blood War runs for 206 chapters in total. So if each chapter was to be split evenly among the now-confirmed 52 episodes, this would mean Studio Pierrot would need to adapt 4 chapters per episode. We’ve already had confirmation from Tite Kubo himself during the Anime Expo 2022 panel that he plans to expand and even touch on some of the novel content. Adapting 4 chapters for each episode from the VERY fight-heavy Thousand-Year Blood War arc while leaving space to add additional content should be a relatively easy feat while keeping up the pacing.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Are you excited about a full year of Bleach?

About Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War:
The final arc in the Bleach series by Tite Kubo, the arc picks up where the anime previously ended. New soul reapers appear in Karakura town and Ichigo immediately jumps in to help. Soul Society is inspecting a surge of hollows being destroyed in the world of the living as well as residents of the Rukon district going missing.
This leads to a surprise invasion of the home of the soul reapers, Seireitei, by a group known as the Wandenreich. Led by Ywach, the father of all Quincies, the group declares war against the Soul Reapers giving them this message “Five days from now, the Soul Society will be annihilated by the Wandenreich”
This arc will have the Soul Reapers bringing up hidden truths and old history as the final battle for not only the Soul Reapers, but Ichigo Kurosaki begins!

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