One Piece collabs with Uniqlo AGAIN! One Piece Film red Shirts Come to the US on October 27th!

A long time ago Uniqlo did a collaboration with Weekly Shonen Jump for its 50th anniversary and by FAR those shirts have always gotten the most compliments when I wear them out. So now I’m always on the lookout for some good-looking shirts from Uniqlo and it looks like the time is now! One Piece Film Red is the latest anime series collab from Uniqlo and it’s hitting the US on October 27th.

Shirt designs are in four different colors each inspired by Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Uta with designs that range from Shanks’ Red-Haired Pirates crew, Luffy in his upcomming movie outfit, Luffy doing Gum Gum Red Hawk, the iconic moment where Shanks hands Luffy his straw hat, and a lineup of the Strawhat crew above the words “I’m gonna be.. King of the pirates!!” The shirts will run you $19.90 each and will be available on Uniqlo’s website as well as in stores.

If you snag a design quick enough there is also an exclusive One Piece Film Red sticker set!

The movie doesn’t open in US and Canada until November 4th, but what better time to buy One Piece Film Red merch so you can wear it to your local premiere!

View the designs below and let us know which shirt is your favorite!

Click here to get your shirts!

Uniqlo describes the collab as:
One Piece Film Red, for which Eiichiro Oda serves as general producer, finally opens in theaters. The film tells the story of Uta, a songstress who enchants the world, and her secret that leads to her singing voice and Shanks, “Red-Haired.” The theme of the film is “RED,” and the design features the Red-Haired Pirates and the famous scene between Luffy and Shanks. The UT design with the Red-Haired Pirates is only available here and is a must-have for fans.

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