My Hero Academia Season 6 to Reveal 5 New Visuals, Shoto Todoroki New Look Is First!

My Hero Academia Season 6 airs on October 1st!! That’s this Saturday for you Calendar-opposed people, and to hype up the impending release we’ll be getting a new visual of 5 characters as the date draws closer: Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Shigaraki, and Dabi. Of course, the first one we get is none other than Shoto Todoroki which is now available on the MHA official Twitter and website.

The Japanese VA for Todoroki, Yuki Kaji, shared a few words about his upcoming season six look,

I’m impressed by the rugged expression that symbolizes the development of the 6th season. Freeze!

Finally, the 6th season will start. Todoroki and the others have fought many deadly battles so far. They should have worked hard enough… From here on, another level will be added.” It’s like hell, but… in such a situation, it’s the heroes who show us hope, and I think that’s the charm of this work, “My Hero Academia.” By all means, please fight together! thank you! Go further! PLUS ULTRA!

About My Hero Academia Season 6:
The end of season 5 of BNHA brought with it a promise of war, Season 6 picks up directly after facing down an army of villains all under Tomura Shigaraki’s control, and this time the heroes are leading the charge. The power struggle is real as we hit the “war arc”, can Deku and the heroes finally crush All For One’s grand plans, or will this just be another reason society loses faith in the heroes even more?

Horikoshi is bringing all of the bangers with this arc, so make sure you stay tuned for more MHA coverage! Watch the official trailer for MHA Season 6 below:

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