My Hero Academia Season 6 Will be 2 Cours, No Break In Between

The new My Hero Academia season is going to be FIRE! Just announced from the My Hero Academia official website, season 6 of MHA will air for two cours with NO BREAK! That’s the dream for any anime out there, no break, no fillers (we hope). With the announcement came a new commercial to continue the hype as the series gets ever closer to its premiere on October 1st.

Season 6 will be streaming on Crunchyroll and has already confirmed both the opening and ending songs for the new season. SUPER BEAVER’s song Hitamuki will be used for the opening and Kiro Akiyama’s song SKETCH will be used for the ending. This season is adapting the Paranormal Liberation War arc and, as a manga reader, let me say… It’s very VERY good.

Watch the new commercial and read more about the upcoming season below!

About My Hero Academia Season 6:
The end of season 5 of BNHA brought with it a promise of war, Season 6 picks up directly after facing down an army of villains all under Tomura Shigaraki’s control, and this time the heroes are leading the charge. The power struggle is real as we hit the “war arc”, can Deku and the heroes finally crush All For One’s grand plans, or will this just be another reason society loses faith in the heroes even more?

Horikoshi is bringing all of the bangers with this arc, so make sure you stay tuned for more MHA coverage!

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