My Hero Academia Season 6 New Character Visual, Shigaraki & Dabi Revealed!!

The premiere date for MHA season 6 is getting closer and closer! To amp everyone up and get them ready for what might be the most intense arc of My Hero Academia yet, we’ve been teased with the upcoming designs for two of the big bads, Shigaraki and Dabi. Set to premiere October 1st of this year fans have a lot to look forward to, and a big key player in the upcoming arc described as “an all-out war between heroes and villains” are of course the villains.

The new art showcases the manga look for the two characters, Shigaraki finally taking his red cape and Dabi…. well he’s Dabi. We’ll have to continue to be on the look out in the upcoming days as Boku No Hero Academia is right around the corner which means we’ll have new news dropping constantly! So let us know what you think! With so many good anime coming this October, are you still hyped for My Hero Academia to return? Or is the sour taste of season 5 still fresh in your soul? Check out the new art and latest tv spot down below!

About My Hero Academia Season 6:
The end of season 5 of BNHA brought with it a promise of war, Season 6 picks up directly after facing down an army of villains all under Tomura Shigaraki’s control, and this time the heroes are leading the charge. The power struggle is real as we hit the “war arc”, can Deku and the heroes finally crush All For One’s grand plans, or will this just be another reason society loses faith in the heroes even more?

Horikoshi is bringing all of the bangers with this arc, so make sure you stay tuned for more MHA coverage!

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