Edens Zero Season Two Confirmed for April 2023

The latest and greatest series by, Fairy Tail author, Hiro Mashima returns for season 2!! Join Shiki and the gang on their latest space adventure as they take on new planets and even greater foes. As a manga reader, the preview of Drakken Joe makes me so excited! For those who haven’t been sold on Edens Zero quite yet check out season 2, that arc is the best of the manga so far! Edens Zero Second Season will premiere on April 2023 in Japan and presumably that same date everywhere else!

Unless of course, Netflix gets their hands on the series again. For the fans that don’t remember, Edens Zero part one was released in two batches, part 1 quickly followed by part 2 on Netflix. The first cour being released August 26, 2021, and the second cour November 24th, 2021.

JC Staff and the rest of the cast will be returning for season 2, except for the director of the series Yushi Suzuki, who unfortunately passed away before the first season ended. Tokyo Ghoul: re director Toshinori Watanabe will be taking over in his stead.

About Edens Zero:

Based on the Japanese sci-fi manga of the same name, Edens Zero. The anime follows Shiki, a boy with the power to control gravity, as he embarks on a journey across the cosmos to meet the fabled space goddess known as Mother. Come aboard the ship known as the Edens Zero as Shiki soars through the Sakura Cosmos and aims to gain 100 friends along the way!

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